A Private Pre-Accelerator Focused On Helping You Find & Meet Unmet Needs.*

    No fees. 1-on-1 Office Hours. Customized.

    The catch?

    If you get funded by someone else, we can match. Same terms. Up to 3% of your startup.

    Questions, email us at ceo@precelerator.com.


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    "Terrence is an excellent advisor and investor."

    Andrew Lee, Founder and CEO of Purse.io 


    Sourced Purse.io's first two VC investors, FundersClub (YC S12) in SF and Strong Ventures in L.A.

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    "Terrence's honest, hard-headed advice and generous amounts of help have been invaluable"

    --Wikipedia cofounder Larry Sanger, founder CEO of Infobitt




    How we helped-


    1st investor, board director, main adviser


    Sourced or helped raise 2/3 of the first round (low six figures)


    Other investors include-

    An ex-Snapchat VP of Engineering

    K5 Ventures

    Orrick Ventures

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    Silicon Valley Technical Help

    Silicon Valley and L.A. software engineers help our startups.


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    Helped Coin Hako become the first SE Asian startup at Boost VC accelerator in Silicon Valley


    2nd investor


    Other investors-

    Tim Draper

    Government of Singapore

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    Office Hours

    Our partner Vivy Chao is a former venture-funded CEO of a startup

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    Breakfast Club

    Breakfast & Enplug tour with Nanxi Liu, founder CEO


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    Investing in Preceleratees

    2nd investor in Jessica McGlory's Forecastr


    Forecastr is our first Precelerator graduate


    Other investors-

    Gotham Gal Joanne Wilson

    Top 10 accelerator DreamIt Ventures

    Comcast Ventures

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    Focus on shipping and testing with users. 

  • Why Unmet Needs?

    Why Not Focus on Wants?

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    Highest Net promoter score. Biggest disaster?

    We are currently seeking startups focused on meeting an unmet need.


    Not want or love.


    Lots of paying customers loved Webvan (great referral scores) and they just bled money.


    We don't like most apps, event planning startups, social media, chat bots, etc.


    Anything at peak hype we’re likely to want to avoid. See Gartner hype cycle graph on the right.


    If you meet an unmet need, you can increase prices without losing total revenue (even though you lose some customers). You don’t have to raise prices - I own Amazon stock - but I want to know you can.

  • TEAM

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    Founding Partner

    • Founder, Yang Ventures
    • Board member, Infobitt, founded by a Wikipedia cofounder
    • Ex-Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch New York
    • Investor in fintech and other startups like Purse.io and OnePoint
    • Adviser to Omniscience
    • FundersClub panelist
    • HBS Angels
    • Ex-TCA Orange County Executive Committee
    • Appears in Wikipedia
    • Published in Forbes, Women 2.0, Inc.
    • Quora Top Writer
    • Son of Caltech PhD
    • Startup UCLA mentor
    • BS USC, JD Harvard
    • @yangterrence 
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    Dr. Vivy

    Part-Time Partner

    • Founder and CEO, Yang Camp
    • Ex-CEO of venture funded edtech startup
    • Ex-assistant principal K-12 private school in Orange County
    • Teacher
    • Cal State Long Beach adjunct professor
    • Instructor, General Assembly
    • Published in Women 2.0, HuffPo
    • BA UCLA, ME USC, EdD Argosy
    • @vivooshkac


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  • Past Speaking Engagements

    Partial List

    • Founders Space (moderator), SV Startups Pitching Chinese investors from Cheung Kong EMBA Program, SF, July 2016.
    • Founder Space, Guest Advisor Session, SF, May 2016 & January 2016.
    • Attracting Capital from Chinese Investors in Silicon Valley, Angel Launch, Winston & Strawn, SF, December 2015.
    • Funding Post Panel with Adam Draper, others at Runway Accelerator, SF, November 2015.
    • Bitcoin Panel w/ VC Brock Pierce at Hero City, San Mateo, October 2015.